• Why do you perform site inspections?

    Before each season we have our operational team perform a site walk at each property to identify preexisting conditions at the property as well as to acknowledge any plowing hazards such as extruding manhole covers, sprinkler systems still running or any construction projects that may affect snow plowing operations. After the season our team will inspect all sites for any plow related damage that may have occurred during the season and schedule any necessary repairs.
  • In case of a blizzard do you have additional snow removal equipment for our facility?

    Yes. Each year we secure exclusive rights contracts with many local contracting companies for just that reason. In the event of a heavy snow storm, we generally have an abundance of additional equipment at our disposal.
  • In a heavy storm will we have to wait for bigger properties to be plowed first?

    All of our clients properties are a first priority to us. Each site has a dedicated assigned crew that is both trained specifically and will always start and finish at that site.
  • What television or radio stations do you listen to for your weather reports?

    We actually have a dedicated meteorologist that keeps detailed snow records for the entire state. Before each storm a weather forecast can be emailed to our customers with a description of what type of weather is expected and after the event, a post storm report can be provided to recap the details such as snowfall amounts and overnight temperatures.
  • Who do I contact when I need help during a snow or ice storm?

    During all snow storms, our Snow Desk in our main office can be reached 24/7 419-867-7669. We keep a dedicated dispatch crew on duty from the beginning of the storm until at least 24 hours after the end of an event.
  • Why should de-icing be performed on my property?

    De-icing or pre-treating is performed before an event and is a key component to fighting ice. By pre-treating a site before actual accumulations, we are reducing the amount of ice and snow build-up at the property which allows for reduced service time and the use of fewer chemicals.
  • What type of de-icing chemicals do you use?

    There are many. No one chemical is the right "one" to use all the time. Depending on weather, customer needs, location and many other factors, different chemicals will be utilized to get the optimum results desired during that event. The chemicals come in both a liquid and solid forms and depending on the required application, they may be applied separately or as a combination of both. MSDS forms of all chemicals are kept on file and will be provided upon request.